America Explained: A Guide for Indian Immigrants by Allison Singh

John Shippen & Oscar Bunn: American Firsts in Golf

by Allison Singh, Illustrated by Sergio Garzon

The year is 1896, and golf is taking off in America. It quickly becomes clear that America’s best golfers are not from the privileged class, but are Black and Native American caddies working at the nation’s most prestigious country clubs. John Shippen and Oscar Bunn were two of the most talented golfers of their time, and Shippen is regarded as America’s first professional golfer. In the summer of 1896, the two friends and fellow caddies found themselves in the middle of an international incident when the U.S. Open came to Shinnecock Hills Golf Club in Southampton, New York. What happened next speaks to the possibility, but ultimate limit, of talent in a segregated society.

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MLK & LI: Martin Luther King, Jr. and Long Island

by Allison Singh, Illustrated by Sergio Garzon

This year, give young people a lesson about Martin Luther King, Jr. that didn’t happen miles away.  It happened here, on Long Island.

Martin Luther King, Jr. visited Long Island several times to bring attention to the civil rights struggles happening right in our home towns.  School segregation battles rocked Amityville and Malverne. Levittown, long celebrated as “America’s first post-war suburban development” prohibited sale to non-Caucasians.  There were protests, hunger strikes, marches and burning crosses.
It all happened here.
All of it, and more.